IndaSwap partners with Swamp Finance to increase yield farming optimization and simplify access to crypto vaults.

2 min readApr 28, 2021

Today Swamp Finance, an advanced yield optimizer on Binance Chain, became partners with IndaSwap, the first fiat-to-DeFi gateway supporting bank card payments. The main goal for this collaboration will be elevating yield farming, implementing the latest innovations and allowing the bank card owners to easily benefit from it.

Both companies aim to create new values for the community and expand their presence by reaching new audiences. The strategic partnership between Swamp Finance and IndaSwap is considered a logical step thus it fits the market strategies of both parties. The collaboration itself will be mainly focused on both mutual marketing activities and joint technical projects and integrations.

Binance Chain helps many promising entrepreneurs and developers to build outstanding new platforms, and an additional synergy point for this partnership is a dedication to the community. Thanks to this partnership, thousands of crypto enthusiasts will be able to buy SWAMP in a couple of clicks on IndaSwap and add INDA and SWAMP tokens to vaults on Swamp Finance.

We received a commentary from Bogdan Sizov, CEO IndaSwap:

“Our team is impressed by the tremendous work of Swamp Finance, and their unique take on yield farming. Long-term strategy is a core element of our business planning, and I’m positive that together with Swamp Finance we’ll create great things on both short and long distances.”

Representative of a Swamp Finance commented on this topic:

“Indacoin is a long-standing firm and leading fiat gateway provider. By extending their business to DeFi and being second to none fiat-to-DeFi service provider we strongly believe partnering with IndaSwap will bring numerous benefits to Swamp Finance users and benefit DeFi space in general.”

About Swamp Finance

Swamp Finance is a yield optimiser on Binance Smart Chain, which offers DeFi users a simple and effortless way to automate their yield farming and lower their costs. Swamp Finance Vaults use advanced auto-compounding strategies for diverse palette DeFI protocols to achieve optimal compounding periods and maximise yields for its users. Early yield optimiser adopters are rewarded with Swampy for their trust in it.

About IndaSwap

IndaSwap is the first and only Fiat-to-DeFi gateway, where crypto believers can buy favourite DeFi tokens directly with Visa & Mastercard globally. IndaSwap is one of the core elements of the IndaFi ecosystem, that bridges the gap between traditional financial systems and DeFi. The ecosystem is built by a team with 7+ years of experience in fiat-to-crypto exchanges in nearly 180 countries.




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