IndaSwap partners with SnowgeCoin to make DeFi based charity donations accessible for every bank card owner.

3 min readApr 14, 2021

Today, SnowgeCoin, a charity-driven meme-fueled deflationary Defi token, announces its strategic partnership with IndaSwap, the first fiat-to-DeFi gateway supporting bank card payments. Both companies are dedicated to adopting the latest innovations in the DeFi field to create outstanding ecosystems and contributing to both the crypto and non-crypto community rapid growth.

This collaboration will be focused on both mutual marketing activities and joint technical projects and integrations. The main objective is to strengthen the market positions of both companies and boost SNOWGE mass adoption, by simplifying the process of becoming the token holder and earning passive income for a good cause.

Thanks to this partnership, thousands of crypto enthusiasts will be able to buy SNOWGE in a couple of clicks. Later IndaSwap will also enable liquidity pools, farming and many other exciting features for INDA/SNOWGE pair. This way, INDA holders unlock a new way of using loyalty bonus with extreme efficiency, and SnowgeCoin reaches a new target audience.

Bogdan Sizov, CEO IndaSwap, shared his thoughts on this partnership:

“It is a great pleasure for us to start cooperation with such a remarkable charity-driven project as SnowgeCoin. Both our companies follow a community-first approach, and have a great ambition to build a decentralized ecosystem that is user-friendly for everyone.”

SnowgeCoin representative also gave his commentary:

“We created Snowge as a response to all the negativity, scams, and lack of trust floating around the BSC area. As the team were investors in crypto long before they were token creators, we know the feeling of being part of a great community, just like we know how it feels to have the rug pulled out from under you. Our mission was to give the rapidly growing BSC community a token they could trust, enjoy, and see tangible, real-world benefits from using. Snowge’s burgeoning community is a testament that there’s a lot of pent up demand for an honest, fun token, that everyone can enjoy, and we are working to deliver exactly that!”

About IndaSwap:

IndaSwap is the first and only Fiat-to-DeFi gateway, where crypto believers can buy favourite DeFi tokens directly with Visa & Mastercard globally. IndaSwap is one of the core elements of the IndaFi ecosystem, that bridges the gap between traditional financial systems and DeFi. The ecosystem is built by the team with 7+ years of experience in fiat-to-crypto exchanges in nearly 180 countries.

About SnowgeCoin:

SnowgeCoin is a deflationary meme currency running on the BSC network. Snowge is capped at one billion tokens, with no ability to ever mint more. In fact, their mascot Snowge McFloof gets hungry during every transaction and eats a random percentage (between 2% and 8%) of it as a fee. This randomized transaction fee makes the token constantly decrease its max supply, therefore increasing token value. The tokenomics also ensure the community fund’s growth, regardless of donations, enabling the SnowgeCoin team to help the real-world floofy friends through charitable donations. Snowge has also burnt ALL developer LP tokens, so not only is there liquidity always available, but this also makes rug-pulling an impossibility with Snowge, quite a difference compared to most SafeMoon forks! Community, charity, and rug-pull proof — Snowge doesn’t belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone!




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