IndaSwap partners with FetaToken to simplify the community-based charity on Binance Chain.

3 min readMay 9, 2021

Today FetaToken, BSC deflationary token with non-custodial staking and charity support, became partners with IndaSwap, the first fiat-to-DeFi gateway processing Visa & Mastercard. Teams were united by the similar core principles and views on the industry development with a dedication to the community.

This collaboration will allow both companies to give new benefits for INDA and FETA holders as well as to strengthen their online presence and position on the market. The fiat-onramp solution provided by IndaSwap has a premise to significantly impact the number of FETA holders and the overall volume of charity donations by making it possible to buy FETA with Visa and Mastercard in a matter of minutes.

The remarkable business model developed by the FetaToken team is appealing to thousands of crypto enthusiasts, and now the entry-level to join this exciting community has become lower than ever. The partnership between IndaSwap and FetaToken will provide every DeFi believer with an easy and convenient tool to enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance ecosystems and the latest innovations while contributing to a good cause.

Bogdan Sizov, CEO IndaSwap, shared his thoughts on this partnership:

“What we’re looking for in a partner is a great vision with a dedication to the community, and the FetaToken team checks all the possible marks. We’re thrilled to create remarkable things, because we are sure that every step we take together is a step towards the common good.”

FetaToken representative also shared his thoughts:

“We’re proud to be partnered with such an amazing service. The number one question we get asked by people that are new to crypto is how can they purchase FETA. The task can be daunting to some but the IndaSwap interface will make buying FETA more convenient, supporting the growth of the token and our community so we can further help charitable causes with FETA. We’re glad to have FETA supported on IndaSwap”

About FetaToken:

FetaToken uses the power of crypto to support charitable organizations while building for the future.

The FetaToken community holds events where a portion of tokens in the charity wallet gets donated to the community’s decided charity organization. Anyone who holds FETA can participate in deciding the next charity to support by following any of the official FetaToken social media accounts.

FETA, also known as the Fun Ethical Triangular Alt-coin, is a Binance Smart Chain deflationary token with non-custodial staking. FETA has an automatic 9% tax on every transaction, of which 3% is distributed to holders, 3% is burned and 3% is sent to the charity wallet.

About IndaSwap:

IndaSwap is the first and only Fiat-to-DeFi gateway, where crypto believers can buy favorite DeFi tokens directly with Visa & Mastercard globally. IndaSwap is one of the core elements of the IndaFi ecosystem, that bridges the gap between traditional financial systems and DeFi. The ecosystem is built by a team with 7+ years of experience in fiat-to-crypto exchanges in nearly 180 countries.




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